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Send emails through any SMTP service with any delivery system.

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Instantly get better delivery and open rates and even make money from small lists.

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Mail multiple lists and even list segments as per your marketing requirements. Supports mail scheduling and unsubscribes too..

What Our Existing Users Think

Ankur Shukla

Autoresponders like Aweber and Getresponse are performing really low and I did my #AREXIT some time ago. I rely exclusive on email SMTP services these days. I've found that Email Jeet is the simplest, easiest way to send out my emails with 175% better delivery and open rates. Just Install, import & SEND. Highly recommended!"

Reguillo Manuel

This looks like the exact tool I was looking for to get started with email marketing using an awesome technique I purchased recently.

The only thing that was missing was an emailing tool to send with and after seeing nearly everything that's out there, this is definitely the one I'm going with.

Patrick Quek

wow! Bravo,this is Fantastic for all who are using Email Marketing. Okay Guys! Got to upgrade your Email marketing software now! Looking forward to it!

4300% Returns on Investment of $43! Nothing Beats Email Marketing!

Did you know that for every dollar you spend on email marketing it gives you back a whopping $43?

Social Media gets you massive returns on marketing. But email marketing gives you 3x more than that! That's because 91 percent of the consumers check their email at least once a day on their smartphones. The open rate on mobile phone is a huge 65% which means you get 6X more returns from email click throughs than from a tweet or a FB shared post.

Emails have 5X more visibility than FB posts and Twitter tweets.

The biggest leveler is this - 90% of email gets delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox, whereas only 2% of your Facebook fans see your posts in their News Feed.

But email marketing comes with its challenges. Especially the autoresponders that gives a tough time with high monthly rentals, poor delivery, access insecurity, downtimes, delays and service quality issues, to just name a few.

Email Jeet solves all of that.

It all empowers you to mail ANY list from your desktop, using any professional email delivery service. It allows you to maximize your email marketing profits in just 3 simple steps. Install- Upload- Mail without restrictions.

Get Total Control of your Email Marketing

Send your emails using any or even multiple services

Save money by paying only for the mails you send

For small list, send free of cost by the SMTP service free tier

Mail single list or a multiple list at the same time

Cleans your list of all bounces and bad email address

Throttle your sending speed and send out your emails at a limited rate

100% support for unsubscribes

Get click and open rates report

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