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Prelaunch Swipe #1


  • Get a monthly autresponders @ 1-time cost
  • Stop paying heftily for autoresponders
  • Free your business from autoresponders' clutches
  • Chuck autoresponders, double your email marketing profits
  • Are expensive autoresponders eating up your profits/RoI?
Hey [name]!
Attention marketers! Over 82% of people use email 
marketing for their sales campaigns. The number 
of Email users are more than 300 times of FaceBook 
and Twitter combined together! 
Surely, 'money is in the list,' and you have heard 
it before.
Then what's the biggest problem that is stopping 
you from making more money from your list? 
Let me guess! It's autoresponder issues. You are 
having trouble getting your emails delivered. 
Getting your list into autoresponders is hard, 
and the open rates are really low. 
Not anymore! Here's an easy way out. An all new 
software that gives you autoresponder features 
right on your desktop computer.
Click the link for a demo :-
Your top autoresponders are sucking your profits. 
Here's how: -
- Too much downtime. Your mails are delayed often.
- Poor delivery and open rates.
- You're forced to use double optin, and loose at 
least 20% of the leads.
- Doesn't allow you to import your list!
Scale up your IM business more and bid goodbye to 
unreliable autoresponders that charge you a minimum 
of $50 every month and that too for a measly 2,000 
Email Jeet - The first of its kind "Captive Desktop 
Autoresponder" runs on your PC, solves all your 
email marketing problems and will skyrocket your 
conversions 3X!
#1 Use a professional Mailing service like Sendgrid, 
Mailgun, Mailjet, etc. to send out your mail and get 
better delivery and open rates.
#2 Import all your lists instantly and mail them right 
away. No rejections or approvals!
#3 In-built optin forms. Build your list from anywhere! 
#4 Your favorite autoresponder features are all here! 
Unsubscribes, list management, everything!
& nobody is going to charge you a monthly fee! You only 
pay one time and you can mail your list forever.
Sounds incredible? It is incredible!
Check Email Jeet here
Email Jeet is going live on 20th July @ 11 AM EST! It'll 
sell at a special introductory price for the first couple 
of hours. I'll notify you when it goes live so that you 
don't miss the super attractive intro price.
Do check it out asap so that you don't have to pay 
more later.
Talk to you soon!

Prelaunch Swipe #2


  • Can't import your list in your autorespnder? Read on
  • Losing leads because of your autoresponder?
  • Mail any email list in a flash! (See How)
  • You won't be losing leads with this mailing software
  • Make every contact on your list count
  • Not able to import list through your autoresponder?
  • Make a killing even with a small email list
  • Poor email delivery/open rates is history now.
Hey [name]!
Email marketing is the most successful method 
of marketing online and you can unlock some 
seriously powerful profits with it.
Sadly, it's costly and difficult to become an 
email marketer because autoresponder companies 
don't let you import lists easily. They force 
to double optin, which means you'll get only 
25% of the lsit at most.
Most autoresponders have a policy of letting 
you mail only those lists which you collect 
through their optin forms. It effectively 
locks you down to them forever.
It's time to upgrade. Here's a deskop mailing 
solution that will solve all your emailing 
problems with amazing delivery rates!
Click the link for a demo :-
You can freely import your list into Email Jeet, 
and mail it instantly. No need to wait for 
approvals or give long-drawn explanations. 
Even better! Email Jeet can get you better 
delivery and open rates then you've ever 
experienced with your autoresponder.
Email Jeet is the most universal mailing tool 
you'll see. It can connect to any SMTP service 
including Mailgun, Mailjet, SMTP.com, Sendgrid, 
and so many more. Not just that, it has an 
in-built SMTP server that can send mails without 
any third-party SMTP.
And that's not all. It's got features that'll 
make your monthly-charging autoresponder envious.
=> It doesn’t need double optin or single optin. 
If you have a legitimately acquired list, you can 
import it right into Email Jeet and mail it 
=> Plug & Play SMTP lets you mail through absolutely 
any SMTP. You can change services anytime you want 
without affecting your mailing.
=> Supports list management, mailing multiple lists, 
unsubscribes, and has in-built optin forms! 
=> Only you have your list! You don’t need to upload 
it anywhere and worry about who has access to it and 
what they can use it for. 
=> Perfect for 'Small list' owners! Don’t have to 
pay a monthly fee. Just pay one time, and mail 
=> Big list owners, get more control over your 
emailing and make more money by getting more opens 
and clicks for every email campaign. 
Break out of your autoresponder slavery, and take 
100% control of your email marketing with Email 
Jeet. It will go live on 20th July @ 11 AM EST. 
Make sure you look out for it.
For two hours after launch Email Jeet will sell at 
a special early-bird price. Grab it then and 
you'll have the best deal. The price is going to 
get higher and higher after that, so don't try to 
check it out as soon as possible.
Let me know what you thin of it.

Launch Swipe #1


  • Are poor email open rates bleeding your business dry?
  • Boost your open rates 200% Simple trick inside!
  • How'd you like to get 2x more profits from your emails?
  • Are failing autoresponders damaging your business?
  • Time to stop using your email autoresponder!
If you are using autoresponders to send 
mails, there is a strong chance a lot of 
your mail never reaches the recipient.
That's because most of the autoresponders 
are paying too little attention to mail 
delivery, because they can get away with it.
Because they have your list, and they know 
you can't take it anywhere else easily. 
That's why they sometimes slack off with 
It's a better idea to use a mail delivery 
specialist - a SMTP company to deliver your 
email. They have only one job, send emails 
and they do a better job of it.
Use this software to mail using SMTP services
This is Email Jeet, your captive desktop 
autotresponder. Email Jeet can run on your 
computer or even a VPS, and give you all 
the autoresponder capabilities right at home.
You have all your favorite autoresponder 
features like 
-> List management
-> Unsubscribes
-> Mail multiple lists
Plus some extras. Only with Email Jeet you can
-> Mail partial lists
-> Throttle email sending speed
-> Send emails without any third party SMTP 
using Email Jeet's in-built SMTP server.
Oh yes, and it lets you import lists, any 
list, without a hassle. Just click import and 
you can mail right away.
Check out the demo here
Email Jeet is selling right now for a one-time 
fee but may soon go up in price, or even go 
for a recurring. Don't miss this great problem 
solver. It just might be the thing you need 
to fix your email hassles.

Launch Swipe #2


  • Subscription-level email solution at one time price
  • One quick email marketing money saver
  • You're spending too much money on mail marketing
  • Is your autoresponder burning cash?
  • I won't throw money at autoresponders anymore!
Hey [NAME]!
I am sick and tired of paying monthly 
for an autoresponder, letting it keep 
all my lists as hostage, and then 
giving me poor delivery rates and 
open rates.
If you've got the same problem, read on.
You see, bad delivery from autoresponders 
is eating into your profits. You're 
losing a lot of money. Imagine if you 
can 2x your open rates today, how much 
more money will you make. 200% more? 
What if I told you can do that while 
paying a lot less than what you're 
paying your autoresponder.
Check this out [YOUR LINK]
This is Email Jeet 2! An email marketing 
software that just got released and has 
everything you'll ever want from an 
autoresponder for a one-time fee.
Yep, no need to pay every month to an 
autoresponder just to keep your list. 
With Email Jeet you can build your list 
using optin forms, but that's not all, 
you can also import any list freely. 
No restrictions at all!
Email Jeet lets you connect with professional 
SMTP services to send your emails. That 
includes Sendgrid, MailGun, SMTP.Com and so 
many more. The list is virtually endless.
- You only pay when you send. No need to 
pay otherwise.
- There's no monthly charge.
- You pay for how much you send and it 
works out much cheaper than what you're 
paying your autoresponder.
Saving money while making more money! That's 
never a bad thing to do.
Check out Email Jeet demo now to see how 
utterly powerful it is. You'll not miss 
a single thing from your autoresponder!
By the way, and this is important. Make 
sure you check out Email Jeet as soon as 
possible, because there's a special 
sale going on. Later it's going to be a 
lot more expensive.
Let me know what you think of it!
Your Friend!

Launch Swipe #3


  • Autoresponder constraints are eating into your profits
  • Dependence on autoresponders are affecting your earnings
  • Desktop email automation tool is better than an autoresponder
  • What's better than your autoresponder?
  • Boost your open rates 200%!
  • Want to earn more with email marketing? (Don't miss this)
Hi [NAME]!
What's the one quick change that'll 
increase your income the fastest? 
What if your open rates double. That's 
2x the money flowing to you. Nope, 
your autoresponder won't do that for 
you, no matter how well you right 
your copy or how non-spammy your 
email is.
You see, to really get your mail to 
the inbox, you need a delivery 
specialist. There are mailing 
companies that specialize in this. 
Companies like Sendgrid, Mailgun, 
Dyn, etc.
The problem is, it's not easy to 
use their mailing services as 
they need a SMTP sender and there 
was no practical SMTP solution for 
email marketers. Yes, there are some
solutions that can be hosted but 
they are hard to set up, difficult 
to use and not easy to maintain.
Enter Email Jeet!
Check it here [YOUR LINK]
Now here's a 'Desktop email automation 
tool' that you just have to install, 
run and watch your profits boost!
With Email Jeet you can send your mail 
through any Email SMTP provider - 
SendGrid, MailGun, MailJet, SMTP.com, 
Elastic email and others..
This is a completely done for you PC 
"Captive Autoresponder" which allows 
you to send right from your PC, so 
you never have to bear the brunt of 
"Downtime" again!
What makes it the best email 
marketing automation 
tool? Find out as you read on :-
=> No import/mailing restrictions.
=> Guaranteed better deliverability 
than autoresponders.
=> Works with your own SMTP or with 
any other SMTP mailing service.
=> 100% safe and secure as your list stays 
with you.
=> Email sequencing/scheduling is fast and 
=> Gives spam score reviews , click and open 
=> Complete optin management and looks after 
unsubscribes too.
=> Allows you to send mails in fragments 
to a targeted list.
=> No break in service as it's a desktop based 
mailing app.
=> No need to buy hosting space or set script. 
=> No monthly fee, just a small one time fee 
for a lifetime of hassle free mailing.
=> Works well for both small/big list owners, 
as it gives total control, flexibility and 
saves lots of money.
Don't miss this utility if you are looking at 
guaranteed top conversions with this set and 
forget desktop mailing solution.
Watch the demo for yourself [YOUR LINK]

Launch Swipe #4


  • This email marketing method is very wrong!
  • Send Emails without paying a cent to your autoresponder
  • Newbie marketers, turn your list into 100% profits
  • Why I stopped trusting my autoresponder
  • I won't be sending any more emails
Hi [NAME],
There's only one secret to email marketing 
success - Inboxing! It should come to you 
without breaking your bank, or breaking 
your back.
Sadly, the common experience is that email 
marketing is insanely complicated because 
there's no reliable way to send emails 
consistently and get them to inbox.
The autoresponders are no help. They deliver 
late, have low open rates, and do not allow 
list imports. That's why when I saw this 
new email marketing method I decided I'll 
upgrade to it right away.
It's Email Jeet. A brand-new pathbreaking 
email marketing automation software that 
gives you autoresponder level features 
right on your desktop PC. All you need 
to do is plug your list in, and you're 
ready to roll.
Email Jeet is now LIVE! & it's so much 
superior to any other email tool you've 
Click here to see it in action.
All you need is two minutes to install 
this powerful software will make sure you 
get better delivery rates and better 
inboxing than all your competition.
And yes, without the hassles. Import your 
list instantly, start mailing. Never 
experience downtime again!
Just check out the features
=> Universal plug and play support for 
any SMTP in the world. Just put it in 
and start mailing.
=> In-built SMTP server so you can send 
mails without a SMTP right from your 
VPS or server without nothing else but 
Email Jeet.
=> Guaranteed better deliverability 
than autoresponders as Email Jeet will 
give you access to professional SMTPs.
=> Save money sending mails through 
cheaper SMTPs, or using your hosting's 
=> 100% safe and secure as your list 
stays with you.
=> Supports mail sequencing and 
autoresponder triggers.
=> Full support for opt-in forms. 
Build your list with Email Jeet 
without any monthly charge.
=> Gives spam score reviews, clicks 
and opens reports.
=> Complete list management and 
unsubscribe compliance.
=> Allows you to send mails in 
fragments to a targeted list.
=> No break in service as it's a 
desktop based mailing app.
=> No need to buy hosting space or 
upload anything!
=> No monthly fee, just a small one 
time fee for a lifetime of hassle 
free mailing.
=> Works well for both small/big 
list owners, as it gives total control, 
flexibility and saves lots of money.
Email Jeet is on sale right now. You 
can save a lot of money! It's going 
to be more expensive soon, so don't 
miss the offer. Check it out now!
Don't miss this utility if you are 
looking at guaranteed top conversions 
with this set and forget desktop 
mailing solution.
To your success!